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What's On In Southampton

As residents of the city, how many times have we asked what’s on in Southampton this weekend, when we are looking for something to do to entertain ourselves or the family?

Upcoming Southampton Events

This is also a question frequently asked by tourists and visitors to Southampton who have little or no local knowledge to help them access the many Southampton leisure activities and events that happen in the city throughout the year.

Fortunately the internet is making local information for residents and visitors alike much more accessible and on a larger scale than has been traditionally possible through the media of local publications.

What’s on in Southampton is a free portal for the local community and charitable organisations to promote their events to the wider community, whether it is a local school fete, charitable event or even a carnival, all free of charge. And it’s all on-line so its nice and easy..

Southampton Music Events

The music scene in Southampton is buzzing with all types of genre available. If your looking for classical events, jazz, tribute bands, live music pubs and clubs or even a spot of karaoke you'll find it happening somewhere in the city.

In addition, being a thriving multi-cultural and diverse community there are also many cultural music events you can attend wher you will be assured of a warm welcome.

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