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Southampton Tourist Information and Tourism Guide 
Southampton rates as one of the top travel destinations on Englands south coast but what makes it such an ideal place to base a UK holiday, or a popular tourist destination?

Location, location, location. Southampton’s location is without equal when it comes to ease of access to the many attractions and locations this part of the country has to offer.
The weather here is arguably the best in the country and due to the excellent transport network there is a huge amount that can be seen around an hours travel or less away including the New Forest National Park which is a must visit especially if you have children.

As well as commercial port activities which include a very busy container terminal and the chosen berth of the worlds finest cruise liners. Southampton also has a very active and keen sailing community as can be seen from the numerous yachts berthed around the area.

Southampton is also the home of many world famous yacht and boat designers.

True maritime enthusiasts will also find a trip to the historic naval dockyard at nearby Portsmouth a must see as well; you can spend the entire day there.  

The best times to visit if you are nautically minded, will be between April and the end of September each year.

The Southampton maritime year crescendo’s with the world famous Southampton Boat Show. This world class event sees yacht designers from around the world exhibiting their latest designs and it is an awe inspiring site to see some of these super motor yachts being transported to the event.

Preparations for the event start months earlier and the sheer logistics of the event are awesome. The boat show is not only for the super rich though as there are numerous other products available at the show ranging from canoes to ribs and skidoo’s as well, so even if you are not a keen sailor the show is not to be missed.  

As would be expected in a city of this age the area is steeped in history and some stunning archaeology as well. The city council even has its own archaeology department dedicated to mapping the area and to ensure that were ever possible the relics of the past are rescued and or at the very least documented before any building work can take place.

Bargate, one the best examples of historic architecture along with the remaining medieval walls is what most visitors tend to see on their visits here.

For historians and visitors interested in discovering the very essence of the history of the city there are a number of museums you can visit. Firstly the Medieval Merchants house which gives an interesting overview of the life and times of the 14th century. Also worthy of a visit is the Museum of Archaeology which timelines the history of the city back to its known origins.

The maritime museum is also well worth a visit where you can find some of the history of the Titanic and for more modern history also pay a visit to the Solent Sky exhibition where you can see Britain’s most famous fighter plane, the Spitfire, as well as others.

Southampton’s culture is restricted to the archaeology of course, and arts lovers will enjoy a visit to the City’s Art Deco gallery as well as the Millais gallery. Another gallery well worth a visit is the Hansard Gallery that hosts many established and up and coming artists.

Southampton is also fortunate to have a thriving and vibrant musical program which runs throughout the year.

Music events range from live music pubs and clubs to concerts at the Guildhall. There are also a number of cultural music festivals that happen throughout the year as well as international classical and jazz events which can be seen at the Turner Sims concert hall.

For theatre goers there is also the largest theatre in the south located here, the Mayflower, as well as the Nuffield theatre which is on the University of Southampton campus.  

Shopping buffs will be in their element in Southampton as it boasts one of the top ten shopping centres in the entire UK, the centre of which is the truly impressive West Quay shopping development.

There are also a number of smaller satellite shopping centres to choose from as well as many independent retailers both in the city centre and further a field.

Southampton truly has something for everyone young and old so if you are just passing through or basing a UK vacation here you will not be disappointed.

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