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Southampton is one of the oldest cities in the country and Southampton property for sale in the area spans centuries in age from listed buildings to modern new developments.

Southampton Property For Sale 

Of the older style properties that survived the wartime blitz most seem to be Victorian in style with a large amount of detached and semi-detached varieties to choose from when they become available.

In the main the Victorian properties for sale offer much larger accommodation with larger gardens so are often the favourite choice especially for families with young children.

A lot of the very large Victorian properties have however been demolished in recent years only to be replaced with modern flats and apartment properties.

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This seems to be the growing trend in city property development nationwide, as planners and developers try and maximise the available properties for sale given a defined area and also to satisfy governmental targets for new property availability in the region.

New flats and apartments for sale in Southampton aren’t only restricted to smaller properties though, the city also has a good availability of upmarket and “professional” larger more luxurious apartments, many of which are more centrally located in for example Ocean Village.

In addition Southampton also boasts a good selection of 1930’s terraced properties for sale as well as a good choice of 1950’s style housing which again tend to have much larger gardens, than is more often than not found on new property developments.

The city also has a number of exclusive and secluded areas with a well established stock of executive homes the residents of some being very well known celebrities.

Styles of property for sale in Southampton can vary dramatically from local area to local area and quite often due to the way Southampton has developed over the years there are some absolute gems that can be found on the edge of or even nestled in between more dense housing developments.

Unless you know the area really well it would be fair to say that the Southampton estate agents (and local area estate agents if you are looking just outside the cities boundaries), will be best placed to give the best advice about the individual locations, prices and housing stock available both in and around the city.