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Southampton is a massive community with a thriving social scene and just about every conceivable leisure facility available if you know where to go.


Part of the challenge of living in a big city though is quite often we don’t realise what is on our own doorstep let alone just round the corner.

Southampton also enjoys a massive influx of visitors each year from business people to tourists or visitors to our major attractions, for example the Southampton Boat Show. So where should they go to enjoy the many leisure facilities the city has to offer?

While a lot of activity is centred around the city centre, the city is awash with exceptional high quality Southampton restaurants, clubs and pubs and live music venues that are not located in the heart of the city.

Those who venture a little further a field will be rewarded and can quite often discover the other gems in the Southampton social and leisure scene that unless known will largely go unmissed.

The Southampton Leisure Directory is an ideal place for locals and visitors to find new and exciting leisure activates and things to do in and around Southampton from days out and attractions, to sports and fitness clubs, cinemas, pubs, restaurants and so much more.

More information about local events can also be found in our what's on in Southampton pages.