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As you would expect in a city the size of Southampton there is a very diverse and wide range of Southampton accommodation to rent available to cater for every need.


Residential Accommodation

For residents (and potential residents) the city has a diverse range of Southampton rental properties  and property to rent ranging from lodgings to house rental, flat and apartment rentals and luxury accommodation rentals, that can be found throughout the many areas of the city and the surrounding area.

Southampton letting agencies are an excellent source of local information if you are new to the area, and they can also advise you of the most suitable areas given your budget and /or other requirements and keep you up to data on flats to rent, houses, apartments and of course executive lets that have not yet been advertised.

Accommodation available to rent will be both furnished and unfurnished so please ensure that you confirm the details with either the letting agent or private landlord to ensure you accommodation is suitable for your requirements.

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Visiting Southampton

For visitors and tourists there is an excellent selection of casual accommodation to choose from ranging from Southampton hotels, to self catering apartments and of course the more traditional Southampton guest houses and bed and breakfast establishments, which can be found in many of the cities areas, not just the town centre.

Southampton Hotels - Guest Houses & Bed and Breakfast  

Southampton is a rich and vibrant city that is well visited by tourists and business visitors alike but finding the right place to stay can be a bit of a chore if you are unfamiliar with the area.

Fortunately there is a large choice of Southampton hotels, Southampton guest houses and Southampton bed and breakfast accommodation in the region much of which is to a very high standard and many guest houses and B&B's even have their own dining facilities for your evening meal as well.

Check with your host when making a booking.

Student Accommodation

For students not wishing to stay in the halls of residence and preferring a more independent lifestyle during their education, there is also a large amount of Southampton student accommodation available ranging from bedsits to shared student houses and specialist student apartments.

Many of the student landlords and student letting agencies have been providing student accommodation for many years so are well versed in the needs of the local and ever growing student community.

Southampton Student Rental Properties