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New Car Dealerships in Southampton

There is definitely no beating the smell and excitement of buying a new car and modern new car dealerships in Southampton (and throughout the country for that matter) are aesthetically and meticulously designed and laid out to give you the most positive experience available, which is a far cry from not so many years ago.

Most of the used car manufacturers have also changed the way they run their new car dealer networks, and have changed their sales model from having many different dealers selling the same brand in the same area, to one where a particular dealer will be responsible for a whole territory.

The benefit for the customer of course is that the dealers now have to focus on a quality of delivery and service from the initial meeting with the new car buying customer through to delivery and beyond.

The dealers still have targets to meet of course but the sales process tend to be more relaxed on the whole than the used car dealers, and passing customer satisfaction targets is also an area where the dealer is rewarded for quality of service to the car buying public.

"Customers are king" and that saying and ethos is now becoming the standard in the new car sales industry.

New cars aren't the only item for sale though as most dealerships will have a good stock of used cars for sale in Southampton as well as well as vans potentially.

Used cars for sale in the dealerships do tend to be more of the low mileage nearly new car variety, ex-demonstrators and low mileage lease cars and vans.

Standards of customer service should of course be the same as if you were buying a new car.