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Welcome to the Jobs in Southampton pages from Southampton City Web the truly local community web site.

Southampton has many employers across broad spectrum of careers but traditionally it has been prohibitively expensive to advertise job vacancies in the region, so unless a company has a large budget or is working with a recruitment agency many local jobs go unnoticed.

Jobs in Southampton job boards are a very affordable solution for local businesses and recruitment companies, giving prospective candidates maximum exposure to the job vacancies and employment opportunities available within the local Southampton area.

Southampton Jobs and Employment Opportunities 

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Job Tips

Network: Many jobs can be found through word-of-mouth and local jobs boards. Talk to the people you know, including relatives, friends, professors, and former co-workers. Let them know that you are looking for work; ask their advice; seek out introductions to people in the field that interests you.

Differentiate: Create a different version of your resume and C.V for each job or industry that interests you. Your resume is usually an employers first contact with you. Make sure it highlights your skills that relate to the job that employer is seeking to fill.

Know yourself: Identify your core key skills and work on communicating them to the interviewer effectively. You need to be able to lay out your skills, and explain how they relate to the job you're seeking.

Organise and prioritise: Make a list to help keep track of your job search efforts. Keeping a list is also an effective method of organising your priorities and keeping you focused on your main goal which is finding your idealt job.

Do your homework: Read the newspaper, trade journals and jobs boards to remain current on developments in your field of interest and opportunities. Knowing the latest trends and mergers will help set you apart from other candidates in an interview.

Practice, practice, practice: Preparation is the key to a successful interview. Know your skills and be ready to illustrate how they relate to the job in question. Practice with a friend to get comfortable with your responses and to formulate strong answers to questions you might not anticipate.